Saturday, October 6, 2012


Leech – The Master of Power Suction Unleashed! is a 1984 Masters of the Universe mini-comic; no author or artist is credited. Here, the Heroic Warriors fight Leech and Hordak.

The writing here is poor, and nothing that occurs make a great deal of sense. Sy-Klone knocks Leech out with one punch on page 2 – we’re supposed to take him seriously as a villain after this? How does ramming the Talon Fighter into Hordak open a portal, send him through it, then close the portal again? And Mer-Man’s threat of Skeletor rejoining the Horde contradicts everything else ever written about the Horde – including in this issue. Or maybe Mer-Man just isn’t up on current events (neither, apparently, is Randor, as this seems to be the first he’s hearing about the Horde).  

As bad as all that is, the art is worse. The figures are often stumpy, like dwarves; faces vary wildly from panel to panel and frequently look smashed. There are scale issues throughout – Leech is sometimes eight to ten feet tall; other times he looks to be forty feet tall. Hordak uses his magic to become a giant “more than twice his normal size,” but he’s actually about a hundred times bigger. Additionally, the coloring is a complete fiasco, with the most egregious offense being Randor’s pink hair and beard.

This mess is easily the worst mini-comic to date; never fear, though – we’ll see substantially worse before we’re through.   


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