Monday, May 16, 2016


He-Man: The Eternity War #10–12 (DC) are written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Pop Mhan. Here, Adam wages his inevitable internal war against King Hsss, Sorceress-Teela battles Sorceress-Evil-Lyn, and we finally find out what’s been going on with Man-At-Arms since way the heck back in issue #2.

The Sorceress can rescue She-Ra like it’s nothing? Oh, that’s convenient. Moss Man can erase the entire Fright Zone? Oh, that’s convenient. On it goes. All of this is rushed, thrown together with insufficient buildup. We’ve also got a bunch of awful speechy dialogue that Abnett had previously done an adequate job of avoiding.

So this showdown between Sorceress-Teela and Sorceress-Evil-Lyn: I’ve complained a little in the past about the ill-conceived religion of this Eternia. Here, we’re told that it’s “two sides of the same goddess” that are battling. That doesn’t even make any sense. Whatever. It’s dumb.

There’s a new character here, War Wraith, and of course it’s Man-At-Arms, because who else was it going to be? At least one classic character and possibly more gets killed off—it doesn’t matter who, because the characterizations have been either so poor or so nonexistent that it’s impossible to care.  

Shoutouts are due to the artist here, first for doing a squadron of Dragon Walkers without making them look completely ridiculous, and second for finally giving me the classic He-Man and Battle Cat design.

Things are obviously building to the inevitable climactic showdown between He-Man and Skeletor, but honestly, I’m not sure I even know who to root for at this point. But that’s all right, because I don’t actually care, either. Let’s just get this over with.


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