Thursday, July 26, 2012

BATTLE IN THE CLOUDS (mini-comic, 1981)

Battle in the Clouds (1981) is the fourth and last of the original series of Masters of the Universe mini-storybooks by Donald F. Glut and Alfredo Alcala. Here, Mer-Man steals He-Man’s strength-enhancing harness and the Battle Ram, and Teela gets captured for the third time in four books.

Man, what is going on here? The book ends in mid-story, with Teela still kidnapped and Mer-Man still in possession of the strength harness, like Glut wrote a 26-page story and they stuck with the 22-page format anyway. Mer-Man is still completely incompetent, and Stratos is close behind. Marketing-wise, it’s time to push the vehicles: the Battle Ram, the Wind Raider, and Battle Cat.

Aside from the usual quality art from Alcala, this is a pretty weak effort.


Read it HERE

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