Wednesday, July 25, 2012

THE VENGEANCE OF SKELETOR (mini-comic, 1981)

The Vengeance of Skeletor (1981) is the third Masters of the Universe mini-storybook by Donald F. Glut and Alfredo Alcala. Here, Beast Man and Mer-Man ambush He-Man, win somehow, and then, instead of killing him, throw him in the ocean, where he’s rescued by Stratos. You can probably guess what happens after that.

Story-wise, we get Stratos and Mer-Man with something to do, not much vengeance actually happening, and the stereotypical horrendous bungling from the evil minions. I get that this is for five year olds, but the plotting definitely has that “by five year olds, for five year olds” feel to it. Alcala’s art is good as always, though, and it’s nice to get some scenery besides the wasteland surrounding Castle Grayskull again.

This one’s better than King of Castle Grayskull, but not by much.


Read it HERE

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