Tuesday, July 31, 2012

THE TERROR OF TRI-KLOPS! (mini-comic, 1982)

The Terror of Tri-Klops! is a 1982 Masters of the Universe mini-comic, again by Gary Cohn, Mark Texeira, and Tod Smith. Here, Skeletor recruits Tri-Klops, who attacks He-Man while he’s in the middle of putting the moves on Teela.  

You’d think, “ah, Skeletor’s finally comes up with a real villain,” but all marketing to the contrary, Tri-Klops is portrayed as a lawful neutral-style warrior. At least Tri-Klops is refreshingly competent: he punches Battle Cat in the face and takes out all his non-He-Man opponents in one hit each.

This is a nice little story with more good art and dynamic action scenes. Tri-Klops talks through his teeth all the time and looks like he might actually be Clint Eastwood under that helmet, so points for that. And this comic gives us another hint at the evolution of the mythos: Battle Cat is talking.

This is easily the best of the second-wave mini-comics thus far.


Read it HERE

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