Wednesday, August 1, 2012

THE MENACE OF TRAP-JAW! (mini-comic, 1982)

The Menace of Trap Jaw! is a 1982 Masters of the Universe mini-comic written by Steven Grant and illustrated by Texeira and Smith. Here, trying to get into Castle Grayskull, Skeletor incompetently transports Trap Jaw from another dimension into the castle, giving him access to all its powers and forcing He-Man and Skeletor to cooperate.

Here, we’re to the point where He-Man and Skeletor each have half of the Power Sword. Them joining the pieces together to team up is a neat idea – them essentially holding hands to use it isn’t. That’s the gimmick here; Grant doesn’t do a thing with Trap Jaw (unless you count him zip-lining to safety via the loop in his helmet), and there’s not a lot going on otherwise except that He-Man has exceptionally pretty hair in a couple of panels.

We can certainly do better than this.


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