Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Masters of the Universe Preview was published as a 16-page supplement/promotional in over a dozen DC titles in November, 1982 (DC’s three-issue MOTU mini-series came out the following month). Titled “Fate Is the Killer,” it was written by Paul Kupperberg and illustrated by Curt Swan and Dave Hunt.

Here, Zodac shows up and makes a bunch of ominous declarations, He-Man picks a fight with Zodac, Skeletor gets both halves of the Power Sword (again), and Superman shows up (again).

Zodac talks a lot of smack considering that he turns out to be completely wrong and almost ruins everything. A lot of what happens here doesn’t make a great deal of sense, partly because of Zodac but mostly because of the writing. Superman, on the last page: “Er…will someone please explain to me what I’m doing here?” Please, by all means.

There are plenty of new story elements here. Previous comics and mini-comics used formal period-style dialogue; this one does too, and adds some needless archaicisms. Most jarring, Prince Adam is quite the pimp here. Whereas in the cartoon he pretends to be carefree and irresponsible, here he’s really into wenching it up and his playboy lifestyle.

On the whole, this comic is kind of a mess. At least we get to see He-Man run the Power Sword through Skeletor’s gut.


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