Wednesday, August 8, 2012

THE POWER OF…POINT DREAD! (mini-comic, 1982)

The Power of…Point Dread! is a 1982 Masters of the Universe mini-comic by Cohn, Texeira, and Smith. Here, Skeletor uses his yoga powers to reclaim Point Dread and the Talon Fighter and then launches an assault on the Royal Palace.

It’s always nice to see such a well-populated Eternia. And thanks to the art, this is about the darkest story we’ve had so far: in this, the last of the pre-Filmation mini-comics, we get a full-fledged battle, with soldiers getting violently killed. The creative team does a good job of depicting this clearly without being graphic (although they overdo it with the close-ups of angry faces).

Aside from Skeletor losing his magic crystal out the window, there’s no dumbness to speak of here (heck, Beast Man is really on top of things). Good story, good change of pace.


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