Wednesday, August 15, 2012

THE SWORD OF SKELETOR by Roger McKenzie and Fred Carrillo

The Sword of Skeletor is a 1983 Masters of the Universe children’s book written by Roger McKenzie and illustrated by Fred Carrillo. Here, Mer-Man steals He-Man’s half of the Power Sword for Skeletor so he can get into Castle Grayskull.  

This story was written for pretty small kids, but it’s middling any way you look at it: get in with the usual two-halves plot, plug some toys, throw in some deus ex machina, and get out. Carrillo’s art is adequate: he has a good eye for a scene, but his figures are stiff.

Points of interest:
-So, on a rare occasion where Skeletor gets the upper hand, Zodac decides this isn’t fair and helps He-Man out. Man, Skeletor can’t catch a break.
-On page 2, He-Man’s leading some kind of massive D-Day invasion force. No wonder the initial battle only takes half a page.

Any way you look at it, The Sword of Skeletor is just passable.


Read it HERE

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