Saturday, August 4, 2012

THE TALE OF TEELA! (mini-comic, 1982)

The Tale of Teela! is a 1982 Masters of the Universe mini-comic by Cohn, Texeira, and Smith. Here, Teela gets captured (again) and discovers that she is actually a low-powered clone of the actual goddess Teela*, created by Skeletor so he could marry her.

This story is a new one on me. It’s extremely bizarre. And while it ends with the lingering threat of Teela and the Goddess permanently merging, this backstory was immediately dropped and never seen again in favor of the Filmation Sorceress-Teela relationship. Mattel even packaged a different comic with the Teela action figure in later runs, so it’s no wonder people don’t remember this.

Here’s a refreshing plot point: He-Man doesn’t save the day. In fact, he doesn’t have all that much to do; he beats up a few of Skeletor’s minions, but plays third fiddle behind the Goddess and Man-At-Arms.

One implication of this story is that Skeletor has been trying and failing to get into Castle Grayskull for at least two decades. He may not be the best planner, but give him credit for perseverance.

We’ve got some classic villain dialogue here: “My plan was simple! I would create a duplicate of the goddess, using her power, but controlling her double with the power of my will. I would raise this duplicate from an infant, then take her as my bride! Together, we would conquer Castle Grayskull…and all of Eternia!” So simple, indeed, that one wonders how it possibly could have gone awry.

This one’s worth reading, if just for the craziness.


Read it HERE

*By “goddess Teela,” this story means “the Sorceress;” no explanation is given for the title change. While a fairly clear evolution is (and will be) apparent, the recent Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures differentiated explicitly between the snake-headed “Goddess” and the falcon-headed “Sorceress.” Because you can sell more $20+ figures to grown men who will never take them out of the box that way.

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